Michigan vs Ohio St, different sport, same result.

The #3 ranked mens basketball team from Ohio St. played Michigan to a sparse crowd as the snow came down in Colombus.  With many fans stuck at home and the temperatures dipping below zero, the Buckeyes, led by fab freshman Greg Oden’s staunch defense proved once again victorious over the tame Wolverines from Michigain.  This is their fourth straight loss after last weeks losses at Indiana and to Iowa at home. One can NOT talk about Ohio State without talking about this kid Oden.  I’m kinda liking this NBA age limit thing, it forces kids to at least go through one year of college and learn even those basic life skills you get as a freshman going to college.  The age limit of 19 allows us to see these guys play in college.  I still would like to imagine Kobe maybe wearing hometown Temple’s cherry and white.  How about LeBron?  Maybe he too would have worn the red and white of the hometown Buckeyes?  Also, forcing kids to do the one year in college allows them to rethink the pressure to go pro and stay another year.  Take Iowa’s Tyler Smith for example.  A vaunted freshman out of Tennessee, he was long presumed a one and done run as a Hawkeye. Today he announced he will indeed return for his sophomore year, giving the Hawkeye nation something to talk aobut.


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