Hold the Mayo

Today the nations top basketball recruit in the country,O.J. Mayo received his punishment for being ejected from a game and “making contact” with the ref. I’ve seen the video, the ref RAN into Mayo and fell down. Mayo was suspened for three games by the principal of Huntington High, and two games by the athletic commission. The commision agreed to allow the sentences to run concurrently, which allows Mayo to play in the conference tourney later this month. It has not been a good day for USC recruits, to which Mayo is a commitment. Earlier today it was announced that USC was investigating the recruiting process with their top football recruit, Joe McKnight. McKnight was the #2 overall recruit in the country and the #1 halfback. It was revealed that he might have spoke with Reggie Bush through a third party on speakerphone. I dunno about all this, it sounds like it could be shady, but the NCAA rulls are so strict, I wouldn’t be surprised if rules were broken by accident or not even at all.


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