Much Ado About Vick

Vick 1

   So it’s been awhile, but baseball’s second half has begun and Michael Vick is making headlines.  SO. . .Michael Vick has been indicted on various charges related to a dog fighting ring he allegedly organized, funded, and participated in.  The uproar around it has been growing exponentially since the indictment was handed down last Tuesday.  It appears this week he will accept some type of paid leave of absence deal to deal with these serious legal charges. Today NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell ordered Vick NOT to report to training camp while the league reviews the charges against him. All of this has had various responses from people around the country. Some, including PETA, who held demonstrations today outside Falcons’ headquarters, think Vick needs to be suspended immediatly.  Others, myself included, believe that the NFL needs to let the due process run its course and allow the judicial system, not public opinion or the media, decide if Michael Vick is guilty of these charges.  To hang a man publicly this soon, even before his scheduled arraignment on Thursday, is a rush to judgment people can not make.  This brings back still fresh memories of the Duke lacrosse team, who lost their title contending season, a coach, a captain, and a team based on allegations that were found to be false.  WHO KNOWS, maybe Vick was taken advantage of by a cousin he gave money to, it wouldn’t be the first time someone has bitten a gift horse in the mouth.  Maybe he’s guilty, maybe he’s not, I’m just saying that the NFL, PETA, and the rest of the people in this land of “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” should allow the Judicial system to do its job and back off!


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