So I can’t believe it took me this long to do my first Mets post, but don’t worry, this is the first of many. This article inspired me to write about how exciting this season is going to be. The Mets return nearly their full lineup, replacing an oft-injured Cliff Floyd with an equally as often injured Moises Alou. I like his presence in the lineup, and the forty to sixty games he won’t play this year I’ll take Endy Chavez in left any day!


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A-Rod writes childrens book, bans press from press conference!


This guy can’t do ANYTHING right in this city.  While trying to do a book signing in Midtown yesterday, chaos errupted when the reporters covering the event “got too close.”  The only thing they got close to was A-Rods ego, and the now $252 Million question, will he opt out of his contract and jet out of New York?  His company line is he is only concerned about winning championships, he just doesn’t like to help out during the playoffs.  But seriously, if he wants to win a championship, he better improve on his 1-23 during the last post season.  What a loser!

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Michigan vs Ohio St, different sport, same result.

The #3 ranked mens basketball team from Ohio St. played Michigan to a sparse crowd as the snow came down in Colombus.  With many fans stuck at home and the temperatures dipping below zero, the Buckeyes, led by fab freshman Greg Oden’s staunch defense proved once again victorious over the tame Wolverines from Michigain.  This is their fourth straight loss after last weeks losses at Indiana and to Iowa at home. One can NOT talk about Ohio State without talking about this kid Oden.  I’m kinda liking this NBA age limit thing, it forces kids to at least go through one year of college and learn even those basic life skills you get as a freshman going to college.  The age limit of 19 allows us to see these guys play in college.  I still would like to imagine Kobe maybe wearing hometown Temple’s cherry and white.  How about LeBron?  Maybe he too would have worn the red and white of the hometown Buckeyes?  Also, forcing kids to do the one year in college allows them to rethink the pressure to go pro and stay another year.  Take Iowa’s Tyler Smith for example.  A vaunted freshman out of Tennessee, he was long presumed a one and done run as a Hawkeye. Today he announced he will indeed return for his sophomore year, giving the Hawkeye nation something to talk aobut.

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“I am not a role model!”


Sir Charles is at it again.  This time he claims to have won $700,000 Superbowl weekend in Vegas, betting the Colts and playing black jack.  Not bad for a few days of drinking in the desert, but only a drop in the bucket the $2.5 MILLION he claims to have lost in one night last year.  “It’s a stupid, bad habit. I have a problem,” Barkley said. “But the problem is when you can’t afford it. I can afford to gamble.”  I dunno WHAT TNT is paying him, but two-point-five is a little more than a half time show for the NBA. 

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Post Superbowl overload

With all the Superbowl hoopla FINALLY winding down, here’s an article from one of my favorite P.T.I guys Jay Mariotti.  It appears the Bears were playing more than just the Colts on Sunday.  They had to battle the over powering social power of the ’85 Bears.  Brian Urlacher has a great quote in their, “”They kind of run s— in that city, and they probably like it that way.”   Gotta love Chicago!

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New Jersey, only the strong survive!

New Jersey, Only the strong survive!

   That’s the shirt I first saw worn by my good friend, Brian Turcich, a PROUD South Jersey Boy.  Today it should be the motto of Piscataway New Jersey’s Scarlett Knights of Rutgers.  Signing Day is tomorrow and early commitments show the Knights with their highest ranked incoming class ever, currently rated number 25 in the country. Here is an article from the Philly Inquirer.

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Kobe trying to do the “Michael thing”

So with three rings in hand and no Shaq in sight, Kobe appears to be trying to “Be like Mike” as they say.  Jackie McMullan wrote this about it for ESPN. Kobe’s apparently stepped up his game along with his jersey number, trying to help his teamate’s play better. He  even offered to watch Hakeem Olajuwon tapes with his center, Andrew Bynum. What?  Maybe he’ll bring popcorn and “not” do anything. Good luck Kobe!  Mike tried with Kwame Brown and that didn’t work out, maybe you’ll have better results!

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